Top right button to open this guidline

Major App Function:

Block or identify calls which are in our crowdsourced spam calls database for HONG KONG

Just after app installation

Database are downloaded and ready to use. Status RED mean call extension is NOT enabled yet

Turn on Push Notification first

Not manadatory, but suggest to do so, it will show you useful message on setup

Open Settings

Enable Call Blocking & Identification

This enables the phone to block/identify calls using our app

Turn on the toggle

if you failed to turn it on, try KILL the app and do it again

A notification popup after the toggle

Overhere, you would see a local notification indicate the extension enabled successfully

Video Demo


DONE. What does it look like?

Identified Calls

It would display a label on the calling screen. Also, in the call history.

Blocked Calls

Calls being blocked can no longer reach your phone ( do not have any trace as well ). By Apple's design, NO APPs could get any incoming calls information. That's mean, our app coud not get any information about your incoming calls, showing a blocked call history inside our app is impossible.

Block OR Show Customization

Per category

You could config which calls to block or to identfy

Reload Extension after configuration changes

For any configuration change, to make it effective. You need to reload the extension.
Two ways:
1. Click the green status button in the app
2. In the settings

Check Status

On the setting tab, there is a timestamp show last reload time

Block List Size <> Database Size

The number for the Block List & ID List may not exactly the same as the number of the database size.

There are handlings while loading the database into the blocking list.